A picture is, at its most beautiful, the holding of a narrative.

Annemone’s way of working is strongly influenced by her education in analog photography and by her longing to tell stories. The concept of her work with people is designed by accepting both the essence of the person and their given situation. An open space is to be created which is as unconditional as possible. “Only in this way can we get into each other, intimacy can arise and be told in the picture. Here, speed and acceleration have no place. “

For her photo shoots, Annemone spends a day for as long as natural light conditions permit the work to be done, and no artificial light is used. The criteria for the success of an image are not preconceived notions of beauty, but her own understanding of aesthetics. This basic idea prohibits the optimization of the human being through retouching and Photoshop and thus offers more space for the expression of a story in or behind the picture. Her love for photography is primarily about the person being portrayed, and their story, as well as their pronounced relationship with music and the stage.